Xen VPS Hosting Vs WHM VPS Hosting Services

VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER hosting services have been with us for several years now. Many webmasters are choosing these plans when they find that shared hosting plans can no much longer meet their needs. How exactly does VPS work and how is Xen VPS in contrast with the conventional WHM VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER? Your answers below. free vps hosting

What is VPS hosting?

VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER stands for virtual private servers. The name points out a lot. When you subscribe to a VPS hardware, you are actually affixing your signature to up for a private account. A private accounts means that the resources are not shared involving the account and other users. You act as the root admin of the hosting account and many advanced features such as installing custom modules are only available to the root admin. This is one reason why VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER is getting more and more popular among web-developers. But note that VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER is a virtual hardware, meaning that even though the account owner has main admin access, she or he is not the only one using the appliance. Special software such as WHM can be used to create the virtual compartment. This appears as though the customer is by using a dedicated machine, but in reality the server is shared among several users. This type of setup has several pros and cons. In the other hand, bank account owners do not have to worry about their sites being afflicted by other server users as they are protected in their virtual compartment. Upon the other hand, they need to share server resources by other users. Such programs are usually suitable for core sized sites. Big community sites are better off with a fervent server. 

What is WHM?

WHM is the software used to develop the VPS compartments. Additionally it is the control panel that can be used by account owners to administer their sites. WHM is a steady software that has recently been widely accepted by the web hosting community.

What is Xen?

Xen is a comparatively new rival in the VPS space. But because it is open source software, it is free for hosting companies to use. This kind of is great news for consumers because having competition will bring down further the price of VPS hosting. As the software is open source, web hosting companies are more capable of pass on the personal savings for their customers.

How will the two match up against each other?

In conditions of stability, both have been proven to be very stable. A quick trip to web hosting forums reveal that Xen offers a small speed advantage. In other words, sites loaded on VPS servers powered by Xen often load a little faster. This acceleration difference is not visible for the ordinary web user though. The key difference should be in price – Xen VPS hosting has become far more affordable for consumers, which includes ideas costing simply a mere 20 dollars a month. Such price plans may even be corresponding to shared hosting ideas.