What Not To Do To Get Facebook Likes?

Within just the past few days and nights I’ve been trying different techniques that I found on Internet to get quick Facebook likes. Very well if you are also searching for the similar thing then, I can save your time by telling you what I have already tried but not performed. buy fb likes

Before I let you know what are the things I’ve already done, let me tell you why you will need Facebook wants. 

Why you will need Facebook Loves?

You Need Facebook wants because whatever you submit on your Facebook web page is shown on the person’s news feed and the statistics shows 40 percent of men and women tends to click on whatever is shown on news supply.

So, if you have 1000 likes on your page then you will get around 300 hundred or so unique visitors per post just after once hard work.

So, How to get Facebook likes

Very well, I you do not have the answer for that question this is why my Facebook page has only 1 like

What I’ve not done

We haven’t told any of my friends about my site’s fanpage. I believe if you ask your friends to like your Fb Page they could check it at the beginning only to support you but in the future that won’t advantage you (I haven’t attempted it, I recently think it might be the case)

What I’ve tried and just how I failed

1. Blog page commenting with your Facebook . com Page or Website Web page link

In the beginning when i used to touch upon any blog. I used to post an immediate link of my Facebook or myspace Fanpage or website, because of this of which the site owner never publishes my comment.

Later I found that weight loss simply post link until you have something substantial to add to the post. Therefore, if you are thinking of the similar thing then drop the concept because it won’t take you anywhere.

2. Request People by Mailing List

This is my another failed attempt in enabling Facebook . com likes. As you all must be knowing that Facebook allows to ask people by sending encourages via contact list.

Thus, what I did was that I got a mailing set of around 9000 different mail IDs and out of these 9000 IDs 3500 were already present on Facebook I actually sent the invites to all these people and none of them not even a single person liked my page.