Visit Vienna for a Musical Winter Tour

Vienna is a worldwide recognized musical capital. This capital of Austria has long great musicality and is the home to famous composers like Ludwig lorrie Beethoven, W. A. Mozart, Johann Strauss and Franz Schubert, etc. Vienna appeals to tons of visitors annually, coming to trace the source of such famous composers, as well as enjoying the opera and concert events conducting by famous Austrian performing groups. musically followers 2017

Whether you are a classical music follower or not, Vienna is obviously worth visiting. Strategy a trip there to witness its well-kept historical scenery and sense the unique musicality and imaginative taste of the location almost everywhere. 

Christmas Musical Head to

Vienna is also famous of its Christmas marketplaces and skiing activities in its snowy winter. Listed here are some advice on historical musical sites where you can trace the footpath of famous Vienna composers. Combine a winter Xmas trip with a musical technology tour to Vienna and enjoy the vivid musical technology scene there.

Mozarthaus -Mozart’s House (Mozartwohnung)
This previous residence of W. A. Mozart’s has been flipped into a museum exhibiting the life of Mozart, together with his family in Vienna. As a branch of the Vienna Museum, Mozarthaus is one of the most regularly visited historical heritages in Vienna.

In the Mozart’s Property, you would see both the exhibition of his work, in chorological order, and demonstrations replicating his life within the house together with his family. Mozarthaus has several floors and the first floor of the apartment is the original place where Mozart put in his life with his family. Ticket price incorporates a very informative music guide which you can have different language options.

Shows are also conducted within the Mozart’s House, where you can book seat tickets online or directly from the museum.

Practical Facts for Mozarthaus

A-1010 Vienna, Domgasse 5

Beginning Hours:

Open daily from 10 am to several pm hours

Admission Tickets:

Standard ticket EUR9. Combination plane ticket with Haus der Töne EUR15.

Family tickets are available too. Please check their website for details.

Beethoven Pasqualatihaus
Ludwig vehicle Beethoven has spent in total 35 years of his life in Vienna. The “Beethoven Pasqualatihaus” is one of the apartments rentals that he has recently been living in. During his 8 many years of stay in this apartment, Beethoven has composed his famous next, 5th, 7th and 9th symphonies as well as the opera ‘Fidelio’.

You will find exhibitions of his own hand-written work, documentations on his released work and other personal items displaying in this former residence of Beethoven’s.