Unattended Software Installation

Un monitored installation is a method that allows people to install or uninstall one or more programs with minimal user intervention. When we install programs, we have to follow step by step installation procedure requirements such as agreeing to conditions of use, pressing next again and again and finally clicking end. In unattended installations this is not the circumstance. With the help of not well known silent switches, programs during installation almost with no treatment in any way. These silent buttons are command line variables we supply to the setup file before installation begins. installation


As you see, unattended installations are an useful way to install many programs at the same time without spending time at all. We are able to spend that time doing other things. You just have to twin click on the installer icon and that is it. The process goes behind the displays. Now let’s imagine we have 100 computers and 20 programs we want to install on each of them. This is often a very time consuming task. But we can leverage from unattended unit installation method. If we had these 100 computers linked in a network the solution can be ever more simple. The folder which contains the programs could be distributed on the network and all the computers in that network can get the programs from there. You can start the set up at the same time for all computers and it could finish at the same time. This way we can shorten the installation time 10 times. If we did that manually it would have taken five or even more times longer. 


One way to implement unattended installations is to buy a software that provides that functionality. One such software is “Almeza”. Searching on the internet and download it to provide a try. But software similar to this do cost a lot of money. Very good news is that there are other methods that are almost as successful as that and have time. You just need to learn to write some simple lines of code in Batch. Batch is scripting language in Home windows environment which allows someone to command the computer with commands and systemize computer tasks. This is easy and you will find a lot of tutorials on the Internet that show you just how to do that.


Companies or businesses that contain hundreds or even thousands of computers in their buildings face big problems when they have to install a number of applications. In this case it would be impossible to setup them by hand. Unattended installation is the real solution. Internet coffee shops, bookstores can also benefit from this solution. Some internet cafes have a great deal of computers and unattended installation is the way to go.