Top 5 unusual travel tips for Christmas

It is that time of the year again, when everyone’s singing carols, the snow is on the ground and you know it’s Christmas all around. But Christmas also means vacation and for many of us this brings the unpleasant question: what are we going to do this year? I also like to gift my kids Dbz Backpack during christmas or any Dbz related gifts.



If you are fed up with traditional family celebrations, Grandma’s house visits and you just want to do something different this year, the following list might be the right for you. These are my top 5 suggestions for a rather different holiday season. 1. Visit a (German) Christmas market:



Nothing can bring you in Christmas mood better than a visit to a Christmas market. The smell of Cinnamon, the beautifully decorated Christmas trees, delicious local specialties and Gluehwein        (spicy wine) are just few of the temptations that await you. It is a great place to buy Christmas presents or just to feel the romantic, festive vibe in the air.



In Germany the Christmas markets are just amazing. The country is famous for its long standing traditions in organizing them and almost every town has one. The biggest ones are in Berlin,               Koln and Dresden but anywhere you go, you will find those small wooden sheds, many beautiful handmade Christmas toys and loads of people ready to celebrate and drink Gluehwein with                you. Oh and lots of curry wurst of course.German Christmas markets on Youtube 2 . Visit Lapland and Santa:



There are many great places in Lapland offering a true ski experience and a lot of snow. Stay at Rovaniemi, which is the capital of Lapland and enjoy the many attractions in the Santa Park (world’s first amusement park of Santa Claus with its Santa, elves and reindeer). I can try the underground theme rides, go shopping at Santa Claus Village or just get a special Arctic Circle stamp on parcels sent at Santa’s Post Office. There are many restaurants and bars in the town and a great night life3. Sleep in a Glass or snow Igloo:



Christmas is about snow, a lot of snow and what better way to appreciate it than sleeping in a Glass or snow Igloo? Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland is where the famous Igloo Snow and Glass village is. You can get the feeling of sleeping in the snow  (which I have heard is a guarantee for a good healthy sleep)or just enjoy lying in your bed  surrounded by the beautiful winter scenery.4. Exchange snow for sun :



Another great way to celebrate Christmas is by simply going to a sunny place with no snow and no minus temperatures. Imagine yourself lying on the sand in your bathing suit, drinking cocktails and getting tanned!Now, this is not really traditional but I am sure it is worth trying out at least one year. And I bet, the view of Santa surfing in his bathing suit is just life changing.5. Do a Christmas cruise



Apparently the popularity of Christmas cruises has grown immensely over the past few years. There are plenty of options for the destination including tropical locations like the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, and Mexico and northern rather snowy countries like Norway and Sweden where visiting Christmas markets is part of the experience. There is also a special festive decoration and a variety of special holiday themed activities on board like Christmas/New Years Eve dinner and tasty meals all day long on Christmas day.



So what are you doing this holiday season??

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