The Vita-Mix Professional Series 500 Blender

Generally there is not an improved marital life in existence than fine wine and fine food (okay, maybe I overstate… ice cold beer and fishing are also a perfect couple in my opinion). If you are a wine enthusiast or connoisseur, it’s likely that you acknowledge. In my experience crossing the wonderful world of wine, I find that many lovers of the beverage also want to cook–and cook like pros. Really one thing to be sent to a fancy restaurant and revel in gourmet food, and don’t misunderstand myself, I want to do that, but it’s another thing totally to arrange a food at home that may actually be served in a great restaurant. The sense of satisfaction of providing your friends or family a dish that was meticulously created–from the merger of the ingredients to the adornment of the garnish–is just plain great. Making your own fine fare is made much easier with excellent equipment. I remember the professional indemnity? ce de r? sistance in my mother’s (and her mother’s) kitchen was always the KitchenAid(R) stand mixer considering the bells and whistles. While this device is still a fabulous addition to a culinary strategy, I’ve found another exceptional product that I how to start how I lived without each one of these years–the Vita-Mix Specialist Series 500 Blender. more details

Vita-Mix: The brand name 

Established in 1921, the Vita-Mix brand has racked up a sturdy reputation for quality, consistency and toughness with those in the culinary know. They are being used commercially by professionals and homes by cooking enthusiasts alike. What I find really impressive is that every one of their machines is built at their head office in Cleveland, Ohio, even though they are bought from over 75 countries. Equally, if not even more, impressive is that the Culinary Institute of America has endorsed and partnered with Vita-Mix issues Professional Series of products–it’s actually called the CIA Professional Series by Vita-Mix. If “The World’s Leading Culinary College” is well prepared to lend their name to a line of products, you know they have to be good–the institution isn’t one those dime-a-dozen trade schools advertising via reality-type commercials targeted toward kids searching for something to get them off of the couch. It’s the real deal.

The Vita-Mix Blender: Why to acquire

We’ve found that the Vita-Mix Professional Series 500 Food blender can do anything a food processor can do, as well as “crush” their competitor’s at doing what traditional blenders do… like a blender at its best. I find its strong points to be pur? eing soups and sauces, crushing glaciers, grinding your own spices or herbs or coffee beans (excellent feature for folks who like grinding their own coffee beans… also for recipes that include coffee, like a succulent Kona-crusted steak… yum! ), juicing, emulsifying handmade salad dressing (I hate when poorly emulsified dressings separate and leave tons of oil on the lettuce), making excellent smoothies… and even better, freezing drinks (I live close to Margaritaville, so this is an important feature in my experience! ). It also can prepare dough. What’s great is the fact even though it can do many of these things and many more, it is incredibly simple to use. One more plus is that the container is made of BAPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester–it’s stronger, lighter and less dangerous when compared to a heavy glass pot. I can go on and on about its excellent features and quality architectural, but in the interest of brevity, I’ll just say I am a huge fan…

Are Presently there Any Cons?

In my opinion, everything could be perceived as slightly negative about the Vita-Mix Specialist Series 500 Blender is its cost. You’re going to pay much more for it than you would a run-of-the-mill mixer and We will be up entrance about that. But, if you truly are interested in cooking and have the budget, I’d say is actually definitely something to consider. If you do ponder over it, note that there’s a 7-year parts and performance warrantee on the device, which is pretty incredible. In the event that they’re willing to supply that kind of warranty, you know they know the integrity of the machine and our willing to place that bet. Also, if you cook a great deal, you’d probably go through at a minimum of a couple of food processors in the years–add up substitutions is to do the math… it might work out as the same. Lastly, the Vita-Mix Series 500 blender features a premium recipe book and a cooking class on DVD MOVIE featuring celebrity chef Jordan Symon–cool little extras.