The Quickest Way To Lose Weight – Are The Rice Diet And Cabbage Soup Diet Viable Solutions?

The Rice Diet and the Cabbage Soup Diet are diet plans which may have become associated with medical treatment centers and both have a food type their subject. However that is where the similarities end. Let me looks at these two diets. First of all the Rice diet basically a diet based after rice as the name would suggest. It is in fact a weight loss and lifestyle plan administered at a special residential clinic where people come and stay for a time frame and are guided through a weight loss diet plan by medically trained individuals. In fact the Grain diet was developed in 1939 as a treatment for folks with diabetes, cardiovascular system disease, obesity and blood pressure levels. goji berry como consumir

Based in North Carolina, The Rice Center supervises their program to people who travel from across the world for treatment. As well as having specially well prepared meals residents also take part in a series of educational courses, training courses and are under regular medical supervision. Usually the treatment last for 4-8 weeks and at the finish of the course, patients are able to gain access to resources to permit them to continue their new lifestyle. However this treatment is relatively expensive, a four-week stay can cost up to $6000 and so is usually suggested for folks with deadly conditions. 

The cabbage soup plan is as you would expect, a diet established around the consumption of cabbage soup. A complete lot of folks associate the cabbage soup diet with the Mayo clinic. Nevertheless the exact origin of this diet is not clear and bears no similarity to the official Mayonaise clinic diet plan. On the other hand, for this reason strong link with the mayo clinic, even if this sounds inaccurate it is worth assessing. The basic tenant is that folks can eat almost unlimited volumes of cabbage soup over the course of several days, supplemented with different food groups that can be eaten on specific days.

Out of these two diet plans, the Rice diet is by far the healthiest. Nevertheless the cost involved is prohibitive for many people and also ability to spend 4-6 weeks away from jobs, family, children and careers makes this diet regime beyond the reach on most ordinary people. For those with deadly conditions it is probably an affordable and worthwhile consideration. The cabbage soup plan much more of a fad diet than a realistic lifestyle. In fact many dietitians attribute the majority of the weight loss on this crash diet as coming from water damage and for that reason not a long term solution.