Should I Buy 3 Ply Real Wood Flooring or Multiply Engineered Wood Flooring?

Consumers often ask me “When buying wood flooring do i need 3 layer or multiply engineered real wood flooring? ” The answer comes down to 3 things.

1. The big difference in cost

The cost of wood flooring has its own variables. Consequently for the, lets say that both wood panels are oak, of the identical length and thickness, and have the same finish. Roughly speaking the wider the board with an extended length is more expensive since it waste items more wood in the manufacturing process. Office Flooring Dublin

It comes down to the fullness of the boards. Individuals that are manufactured for overall economy tend to be 15mm thick with a 3mm thick top veneer of oak. The first ply count is the veneer, the second ply is a block board making up the majority of the product, the third ply count is a thin part of wood on the base. A 3 layer board can come up to 20mm in width, with the veneer making up 6mm of the board. Buying a fuller board adds to the rigidity of the floor and prevents twisting and warping prior to putting in. 

A 3 ply plank should be about even just the teens cheaper than its grow counterpart. If you are installing this type of floor, in an in a straight line forward room, with a dry level surface, then you can be comfortable to work with an economy board.

installment repayments on your Ease of fitting and stability of setting

Multiply engineered real wood boards are normally 20 mm thick. The top veneer of oak is 6 mm. The other 14 mm is made up of 1mm levels of wood, with the grain of the wooden located at a 90-degree angle to the next layer. This will make the planks more stable when damaged by a change of temperature or moisture levels. As the center of three ply is stop board, the tongue is often rough and bumpy, while multiply is sanded and regular throughout the whole entire board, so that it is quicker and better to fit to the next planks.

3. Under Floor Heating system

Real wood floors are a natural product and therefore can be afflicted by a change of temperature. In winter, due to dryer conditions created by central heating, the real wood contracts. In summer, home windows are opened letting a good flow of air by using a building, increasing humidity and a real wood floor commences to expand again.

This kind of expansion and contraction is made greater when using underfloor heating, as the wood flooring needs to offer with greater temperature and larger amounts of water loss. This is why I would recommend a multiply engineered board when choosing real wood flooring to go over under floor heating Because of its stability and alleviate of fitting.

In like manner sum up

If you are appropriate in a straight front room to slip, that addresses an existing flat wooden floor, I wood recommend 3 ply engineered real wood flooring.

If you are fitting over a cement floor, under floor heat or rooms with a lot of temperature deviation throughout the year, because of its stability and easy of fitting, I would recommend multiply engineered wood floor coverings.

Ian Churchman has over 20 years comprehensive experience in the flooring transact, at fitting and advertising, he runs Wholesale Solid wood Flooring a Brighton centered company, servicing local control and building contractors. The customers work mostly in Sussex and the Southern East, however, with our excellent transport links, we are able to source to the part of the country.