A big part of our business is conducting professional Search Engine Optimization services for small and medium-sized businesses. So you might be surprised to learn that we talk ourselves away of more SEO assignments than not. Or, more accurately, we talk companies out of doing SEO. robin ooi

Many people see, notice and read about various SEO successes from friends, colleagues and business acquaintances and think, “Hey, looks great. How can My spouse and i use that for MY OWN business? ”

The problem with SEO, probably more than some other Net marketing tactic, is that it has been the wrong tool for the work. No matter how bad you Need it to be the answer to your problems and help you increase sales it can just not going to slice it.

So to help you evaluate whether SEO can be part of your well-rounded Website marketing strategy, here’s 5 main reasons why SEO will NOT help you”

1. You Have got a Made-up Product: The complete foundation of SEO is to position your web pages to be the answer to the question regarding relevant searches. If the products or services you offer is something so unique or made-up, you can’t power SEO for the simple reason that nobody understands to search for it. Good example was a company that came to us to implement an SEO program for “Dog Wine. inches The problem is two fold: Wine is actually bad for your puppy so no one would keep an vision out for those keywords together unless maybe it was for “Dog wine beverage poisoning. ” Secondly, the product wasn’t actually wines at all but a type of gravy commonly purcahased by spruce up kibble. So even though the product was real and properly FINE to feed your dog, the association between made up product category (dog wine) and the genuine product (a kibble ingredient commonly referred to as “dog gravy”) was past the scope of SEO. A better marketing solution that we suggested was obviously a trade PAGE RANK campaign put together with blogger reviews since the product needed explaining in order to “get it. ”

installation payments on your Low Search Volume: The greatest concern we find is that the keywords and key phrases associated with the company’s products and services are in low demand. Nobody wants to hear that what they’re selling is not in demand or the very best thing since sliced bakery. SEO exposes weaknesses in branding and product setting. Sometimes SEO is considered a panacea for a weak product offering or non-existing branding campaign. SEO can’t perform magic, and certainly can not create demand where little or none exists. SEO works best when you have an item or service with well-articulated BENEFITS to the person doing the search, since most searches start with “How will i… inch or “How to… inch Be the answer to that particular question assuming it’s even being asked. Our key word research will expose those weaknesses right away.

3. No Supporting Efforts: Search Engine Optimization is now more and more complex in that 1-time efforts, while still important, aren’t enough to maintain any short term success. Current rising importance of social media’s impact on SEO, businesses will have to make investments in ongoing social press efforts to boost their baseline SEO results since all the major search engines have gone on record that social multimedia signals going in and out of a site are a validation of that website’s authorityon a specific subject (and set of keywords). And so to invest in SEO is very a baseline step that needs to be reinforced with social press marketing and content marketing and blogging on an ongoing basis.