Review of Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Rangefinder

Firstly, I might as well start up this review by stating that it’s easy to provide a positive review of this Nikon golf rangefinder. Besides the standard look and feel features, the performance is highly rated. Features include multiple targeting modes, waterproof & fogproof construction, long eyesight relief, bright sharp looking at optics, compact size and light weight. The device comes with a seatbelt case, neck lanyard and battery. More info

In field tests the Monarch 800 fits all explained specs for this model. Maximum range is 800 yards with +-. 5 yard finely-detailed. The 6X21 magnification optical technologies let you plainly see objects several hundred meters away.

Compared to other rangefinders the performance of the 800 is very fast and accurate. The delay the perfect time to range a target, even one gowns over 500 yards is almost instantaneous. This is very a nice feature considering that reaction time is essential in unexpected hunting situations.

Ranging trees or comb at the edge of a clearing for running your scope is a piece of cake. In addition, the targeting viewfinder provides easy to understand symbols and target distance readout. Besides the normal operational mode there are two other specialty methods. First target priority function provides targeted, very specific ranging to objects such as individual trees or deer. The distant focus on priority mode provides the distance to the furthest target obtained while varying multiple objects.

Moreover, the Monarch Laser 800 is not simply made for hunting. This is also a great rangefinder for golfers. In the driving range and on the course, this unit will allow you to spot pins, woods, hazards, bunkers and fairways and determine their exact distance in yards.

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