Pondering Wood Flooring Installation In Your Home? Here’s What You Must Know

Types and Environmental Suitability of Hardwood Floors

There are many varieties of Hard wood Flooring choices to make when considering installing wooden flooring in your home. The main thing to know think about a solid strip or planks hardwood floor is to prevent forget job site suitability. The wood varieties of flooring to be installed should be chosen not just for its color, looks of the wood-grain, width, and length, but also for its appropriateness with the job site environment in which it will be installed. You could wish to find out more on all of the available options on contractors websites that concentrate in Site Finished Hard wood Floor Installation to guide you for making your decision before buying or putting in your plank floor. hardwood flooring refinishing Houston

Solid wood Floors are Recommended in:

Kitchens – Residential kitchen areas are fine as long as you keep the wood flooring swept and clean regularly and do not have a lot of salt & dirt on your feet coming in from the outside. 

Rooms – Living Rooms, Seated Rooms, Family Rooms, Sunlight Rooms, Dining Rooms, Mudrooms (with tile inlay), Surrounded or 3 Season Porte, attics, at or above grade basements, workshops, and tool sheds.

Wood Flooring Not advised in:

Entire Bathrooms


Many people have had hardwood flooring surfaces installed in bathrooms but you must take extra care to clean up up any standing water as this could potentially affect the planks of wood in a floor in a very short time frame that could cause you to have to sand and refinish, or even more serious replace the damaged planks and then refinish.

Cellar Floors

Engineered products would be the only recommended product for below surface level installation due to moisture concerns. Flooring in rooms with little or no ventilation that contain a lot of moisture evaporating into the air could be cause an attachment issue.

Prior to Assembly of wood flooring it is necessary to test the humidity amount underfloor plywood or concrete. In the event that the subfloor has extreme moisture, then it is best to hold back until they reach 6-9% humidity before starting the installation, because if the subfloor has too much moisture it will acclimatize once installed and make your new wood floors swell up and possibly buckle under pressure

Installing wood flooring surfaces in a high dampness job-site is not advised unless they may be a wooden species approved for high moisture areas, these types include Santos Mahogany, Best Cherry, Ipe, Cumaru, Tigerwood, and Douglas Fir.

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