Online Voting Movement for Occupy Wall Street

How do the Occupy Wall Avenue (OWS) movement stand lurking behind something that might give everyone a larger voice in politics today, and delivering our election system into the 21st century? Arrive out completely force at the rear of a national movement to allow online voting for elections. Why online voting? How would the achievement of an online voting system for national polls change the way things operate in Washington M. C. today? buy ip votes

The answer to the initial, why online voting, is a fairly easy one. Almost everything can be accomplished online today! Want to send an a letter to someone? Email. Want to pay your bills? Online repayment. Want to order a pizza? Online ordering. Need to wire money from one bank account to a new? Do it online. Which the point! Everything is done online nowadays so why not voting?

Following performing a little research We were surprised to learn that we have had an online vote for a primary election in america. In 2000, the Arizona Democratic Party allowed online voting to take place for their primary election. This kind of was the first time an election was allowed to happen online in the world! What We don’t realize, is why that system hasn’t found on and moved to elections across the country. With this abysmal décider turnout rate in the United States, an online voting system would surely increase voter turnout just by virtue from it being easy to do as compared to the existing system.

In the current system, you can either apply for an absentee boule in which you can vote remotely via a mail ballot, or you can vote at the polling office assigned to you when you sign-up to vote. Voting at the polls takes place during the workweek on a Tuesday for countrywide elections, this means the typical person who works a 9-6 job has to rush to the polling office after work and wait in line to place their vote. With these limited options, it is no wonder why our voter turnout in america is so low. Who would like to do that? An online voting system would streamline the process immensely! Combine it with electronic voting machines at polling locations, and you could have elections results as soon as an hour following the last polling office closes.

How would the enactment of an online voting system for national elections replace the way things operate in Washington D. C. today? The first thing it would do is change the percentage of arrêter turnout in a positive way. With the availability and ease that online voting would bring to national elections, not voting in elections can be difficult to excuse. With a rise in décider turnout, more and more people could contribute to the national debate. To my way of thinking, this means that big money, corporations, unions, and lobbyists would have less of an impact in elections because their affect has less of an impact of the massive that is most probably to utilize online voting, the Millennials.

When it comes down to it, the key voice behind the OWS movement has recently been to get big money, corporations, unions, and lobbyists out of Washington! In my view an online voting system for countrywide elections would go a long way to achieve this because the most significant demographic that will use the system, Millennials, are much less likely to be swayed by big bucks. Millennials also have an inclination to favor prospects that are more inclined to work together with the other person and solve the problems facing the nation today, versus prospects that pull lines in the fine sand and stand prove concepts while the country diminishes further and further. This kind of is the exact change that needs to happen to ensure that the OWS movements to get what it wants! What exactly are they ready for? Someone must get the word out!

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