New Skin Tightening Laser Technology Provides Increased Efficacy

A fresh skin rejuvenation treatment guarantees dramatic skin tightening and cellulite treatment with no downtime compared with other skin anti-aging care methods. This recent innovation in laser skin treatments combines two radio frequency settings into one device, effectively gives two treatments in one. The Accent Dual Mode RF System uses unipolar and bipolar car radio frequency to tighten epidermis by focusing laser on both shallow and profound tissue depths. By using two radio frequencies – the one that treats thinner pores and skin, such as skin that lies approximately bone, and the one which penetrates deeper into dermal and sub-dermal cells, the technology can be used to treat a variety of aesthetic conditions. radio frequency skin tightening

Some benefits associated with this method are that it is non-invasive, requires no anesthesia, and is a nearly painless skin revival, stimulation treatment. Skin tightening laserlight treatments that are less invasive and provide for a speedier recovery. The Accent Dual Mode RF System, because it does indeed not use consumables, allows the treatment of greater areas of tissue to be effective, making for minimal recovery time as opposed to earlier treatments. The technology can even be combined with other non-surgical facelift methods to enhance its skin-tightening effects. Many patients are noticing a significant big difference in skin laxity immediately following treatment. 

Accent Dual Mode originated by Cabeza Lasers Ltd., a leading developer and marketer of light, laser, and a radio station frequency-based aesthetic devices found in dermatology. Clinical trials of the technology demonstrated that Accent was particularly effective in treating skin laxity in the neck.

Generic E. Katz, M. Deb. is Clinical Professor of Dermatology with the Mount Sinai School of drugs, Overseer of the Surgery treatment & Laser Clinic at Bracket Sinai Medial Center, and Director of the JUVA Skin & Laser Centre located at 60 East 56th Street in New york.