Movie Reviews – Yes Man

This really is another funny Jim Carrey movie (can’t say I possess ever seen the one that had not been intrinsically hilarious in some way).¬†yesmovies

The plot is of a tired sales man Carl Allen (Jim Carrey), who happens to wander into an understanding good seminar where every person says “Yes” and allows whatever life throws at them, any questions, any requirements from anyone for anything just say “Yes” to it. The master of this new age group feel good ground is Terence Bundley played by the superb Terence Stamps (General Zod in Terme conseill√© returns).¬†

Despite Carl’s arguments he agrees to Terence’s advice to just say yes to absolutely everything for an entire year, no matter how ridiculous it may sound, or unusual the request, but since cosmic logic goes(especially in the movies), once this individual has said yes this individual can’t back out. Generally there is hilariously funny part that sums Jim Carrey at his most funniest, having to entertain an elderly lady Tillie played out by Fionnula Flanagan, that is surprisingly adept, as We are much more familiar with her as the sullen elder Eloise Hawkings in Lost.

Love interest for Carl is provided by Allison played by the lovely Zooey Deschanel (Live Free or Kick the bucket, something about her seems very familiar, she has that look of knowledge that you have seen her somewhere but aren’t quite pin it), the meet in an amusing segment as Allison’s ordinary group are bumbling around making songs as each goes along as Carl somehow becomes a supporter as opposed to the other solitary fan in the line. Allison recognizes Carl’s willingness to say yes to everything as a true rebel, and someone to look up to, and the inescapable romance begins.

It includes some absolute classic occasions especially the scenes with Carl and Tillie which will go lower as one of the scenes of 12 months for rib ticking frivolity.