Medical Information Age – Bio-Chip and M2M Technology

Discovering from the present medical reform, the domestic prominent idea is from treatment-oriented to the combo of both treatment and avoidance. Consequently, in area of common medicine, many requirements have arisen, for the original medical treatment method is limited inside the medical center for facts management use, now the condition turns to how to expand to the outside areas. For present, the wireless communication technology represented by 3-G is playing and more and more natural part.

Large investment will give the telecommunication operators an impetus and as the deployment of 3G network and the establishment of some operating platforms, employees are facing great opportunities in the expansion of wireless medical therapy and providing people with the best medical service.

A few progress has been made in establishing a perfect medical information system in comparison to five years in the past. Moreover, hospitals have used systems like HIS and PCS, and in convert, promoting the service quality. Current yeas, wireless medical has turned its figure and become essential parts of the modern medical treatment. It really is reported that technology of LAN has recently been utilized in the early medical treatment as well as RFID, in conditions of terminals, a specialized PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT system has been used to ensure a modern day service.

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