MCSE 2003 Windows Server 2003 and MCDBA, Two Popular 70-533 dumps Microsoft Certifications

MCSE 2003 is a very popular recognition made available from Ms to equip IT pros with the relevant skills required for installation, configuring as well as administering the Microsoft company Windows 2000 and House windows XP Professional. The individuals having secured the recognition are supposed to have valuable knowledge for managing & maintaining the MS Machine 2003 Environment. Other techniques associated with managing the MASTER OF SCIENCE Windows Server 2003 Systems are also covered under this certification. 70-533 dumps

Now you can update your MCSE 2003 Windows Server the year 2003 to Windows Server 08.

If you are considering to upgrading this recognition to MS Windows Serv. 2008, you will need to pass the exam 70-649. This exam is offered in 3 different languages and lets the individuals with broad-based knowledge and skills related to Windows Serv. 2008.

Pursuing subject areas are covered under this exam.

In the exam 70-649, Microsoft has mixed three different exams particularly, 70-640, 70-642 and 70-643. Theretofore, while passing the exam 70-649, you will be acquiring the knowledge and skills taught under aforementioned three different tests. Thus while passing this exam, you will get validated your talents and skills with regards to Windows Server 2008 R2. This exam will also testify your skills attained under MCSE-2003 (Microsoft Qualified Systems Engineer on glass windows Server 2003).

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Microsoft has introduced the exam 70-649 for the IT professionals having secure the MCSE-2003 before and supposed to perform at advance level computer surroundings. The individuals having already secured the documentation Glass windows Server 2003 are entitled for carrying exam 70-649 for updating to this documentation.

How to Update the MCSE Windows Server the year 2003 to Windows Server 08.

While passing test 70-649, the IT professionals may upgrade their MCSE on Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008. When passing this exam, the IT professionals may be eligible for the following accreditations.

MCTS Windows Serv. 08 Active Directory Configuration
MCTS Windows Serv. 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuring.
MCTS Glass windows Serv. 2008 Application Program Configuring.