Jewelry Boxes Made Our Best Gifts For Mother’s Day 2010 List

Is definitely your mom’s charms package a tangled mess of necklaces and earrings? High-class? always searching for the mate to her favorite earrings? Jewelry boxes may just solve the condition of providing earrings organization; they can be beautiful accessories in their own right. Because charms boxes are more than function, but can be themselves pieces of art, we have chosen them among our best presents for Mother’s Day 2010. read full review

Track of the first charms box has not been evidently determined yet. Yet adornment with gems and metals is well documented since ancient times. Egyptian tombs are ancient evidence of this as pharaohs were buried with their priced possessions, including rich caches of gemstones and jewelry. And where there were jewels there must have been very special containers of these adored gems. What could have commenced as a treasured metal urn or a painted flower vase is now a compartmentalized, functional work of skill.

Once mail order fashion magazines, such as Sears and Montgomery Wards started out offering charms boxes in the early 1900s, ladies could afford to own a charms box. Jewelry stores started out to display earrings containers alongside their fine rings. Marketing to the people had begun. The efficiency was obvious, rings could be stored in small compartments and earrings segregated and paired. Necklaces will no longer were tangled and easily gathered. Function is an important aspect today and a charms box where rings can be nestled on diamond ring ladders or poles and earrings are stored with their mate will be a surprise that any mom would truly appreciate.

What makes the modern day earrings box even more special is their attractive potential. While function is vital, earrings boxes have evolved to be important pieces of a room’s decoration. Historically, metal was an important material in the construction of the boxes. Antimonial lead was the most frequent base metal used for the construction of earrings boxes. Then the metal was electroplated with copper and over with either gold or metallic. Ivory finishes were launched around 1911.

The Skill Nouveau period in early 1900s, was a time praised for its flowing, irregular in shape lines and motifs relating to nature. The most outstanding decorative type of earrings boxes was Art Neuf. The Nouveau design designed flower sentiments on earrings boxes; the four-leaf-clover for good luck, daisies for innocence, roses for love and beauty, and so forth.

Early 1900s were also a period when important metals, such as gold and silver were very common materials used in charms box manufacture. Silver-plated boxes are considered as antique earrings packing containers and are incredibly rare. These types of antique earrings boxes, as well as those of ivory or commemorative hard are collector’s pieces today.

But you can give an earrings box just as artistic and skillfully made. Today, charms boxes are available in sizes from ring-size to how big a tiny dresser. They are wonderfully carved from wood or inlaid with mother of pearl. They are simple or ornate and maybe lined with velvet or silk. Any mother would welcome a charms box that fills her need for organization and is also a beautiful piece of art for her special possessions. Not only will her charms become heirlooms 1 day, her earrings package may, too. And that is what describes on our best surprise for Mother’s Day 2010 list.