How to Cultivate a Loyal Social Media Following for Your IT Business

Is usually your IT Solution Supplier or Managed Service Company (MSP) business social?

A single effective way to build a strong following for your MSP on Public Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is to regularly provide your followers with good quality and relevant content. Twitter follower kaufen

Many IT businesses erroneously assume that this content needs to be that belongs to them creation. Understandable, but not many IT businesses that I know have the time or resources to dedicate to producing content on a full-time most basic.

So what can you do in conditions of content that brings in an audience?

Curating Articles

A great way to attract a faithful tribe on-line is to become a curator of content – filtering and aggregating good relevant content from your own resources.

This is certainly a lot easier than you think. Most likely, like me, you read a lot of interesting articles by others on a day-to-day basis that may well be relevant to your intended audience – an audience that includes clients and potential clients.

With this in mind, it’s unlikely that you’ll be short of happy to share.

The question now remains – how best to talk about this content with your followers without overwhelming them?

Bad Examples of Articles Curation

Many of us have seen cases of businesses the place that the “Social Media Guru” for your business brand has awoken and pumped out a lot of links in one go. While those links may well be of interest to followers, they tend to get ignored due to the overwhelming volume of them.

Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, drip give food to your content.

Drip nourishing social media content

Drop feed your articles to your audience the whole day allows them to digest it slowly rather than make an effort to stuff in one go.

Public Media tools such a Tweetdeck and HootSuite have the ability to plan status updates for Forums, Facebook and LinkedIn – but once you have a lot of interesting content, when and what you have scheduled becomes complicated.

This is when the social mass media tool Buffer comes in to play.

Using Stream to drip-feed content

Barrier is a free application that allows you to create a buffer (the clue is in the name, eh? ) of up to 10 revisions for Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn over 3 times – longer time structures can be found in a Premium version – that can then be posted throughout a day at pre-defined times during the your choosing.

Just as well as the Stream web-site, there are plugins for your web-browser to allow one-click buffering of interesting content you find, and you could also e-mail yourself at a special Stream email address with content you want scheduled – useful if you find interesting content on the iPad or another mobile device.

Tracking clicks on your content

And including with your favourite WEB ADDRESS shortening tools – such as bit. ly – Buffer also generates reports on the links you have shared to enable you to see how many people engaged through and re-shared those links. Very useful for analysing the kind of content your followers are curious about.


Applying Buffer makes sharing useful, relevant quite happy with your Sociable Media audience a lot easier and more effectively.

When you get into the habit of sharing relevant and interesting content as you read it, thus providing valuable information to your followers, you’ll begin to build a strong following of folks who are thinking about what you have to share.

About the publisher

As the former owner of an award being successful IT Managed Service Service provider, Richard Tubb works together MSPs to help them increase sales, take on employees and build up associations with key industry connections. You don’t have to do it alone any more – contact Rich and have a conversation about your requirements and how he can help you.