How Are Tyres Made?

The car’s tyres provide you with stability, grip, handling, a smooth ride and keep you safe in every conditions. But have you ever wondered how they’re made, and what benefits make a hardwearing, quality tyre?

Tyres are made from up to 2 hundred different raw materials, and many layers, all of which incorporate to achieve the tyre the ability to cope with vast pressures and a lot as well as working with shocks and humps and maintain you generating smoothly. Inside you will find steel bead wiring, textile fibre cords and, of course, rubber. tyres

To make the key form of a tyre, synthetic and natural rubber, carbon dark, and chemicals are being used, along with various specialised components to create a firm, hardwearing basic. 

Steel bead wires are in charge of holding the tyre onto the wheel side and are able to handle 1800kg loads. Up to 1400 textile dietary fibre cords are layered within each tyre, some recognized with steel and protected in rubber. These spherical layers are what make up the classic ‘radial tyre’. Each cord can resist pressure of up to 15kg.

The sidewall will be moulded or embossed with important details and data, such as name of the manufacturer, govt warning labels, tyre size, speed and load details. This enables you to easily find the right size tyre for your motor vehicle (which will be written in your car’s handbook) when you need to buy replacements.

Above all this, you have your take band and groove design, which are incredibly important in conditions of grip, handling, wear and tear and friction. The grooves also help channel water away from surface of the tyre, which helps your vehicle to grip the road in bad weather.

Winter tyres are made from an unique compound which permits those to remain versatile below temperatures of six degrees Celsius. What this means is they will grip much better on wet, icy or snow-covered roads and avoid the cruel erosive results of wet weather and salt.

All tyres are not created equal, and premium tyres will perform better, last longer and provide you with much improved stability and accurate steering. But there’s absolutely no reason why they should cost an left arm and a leg! On the web tyre suppliers stock many top brand tyres at cheap prices, and give you a quick service – either at your nearest car port or via mobile tyre fitting vans that can come to you wherever you are.