Has the True Message Been Lost?

What makes some Christians so critical and judgmental? It is common to know speak about “unbelievers” as though they may have the plague and should be ignored at all cost. This meaning of condemnation is also preached to the believers as well. Is difficulty and condemnation the concept you should be preaching to earn souls also to keep the “faithful” with? 101tricks
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I bear in mind many years ago working at my first car radio job at a tiny stop in Carlsbad, New South america. My hair was long, and i also was kind of “hippie” looking. After all, this was the 70’s. But I actually was at a point in my life where I seriously needed some psychic help. 

I normally performed Monday through Saturday, but one weekend I was assigned to work on Sunday. At that time, on Sundays, the stop took a break from normal programming. They acquired a local preacher do an one hour show called, “Pecos Valley Hymn Time. ”

I was so hoping that the preacher would reach away to me. He helped bring his two daughters to the station, and I actually thought they were kind of cute. Maybe they would reach out to me. At that time, if anyone would have provided to me, We would have gladly reacted. But sadly, neither the preacher nor his little ones had anything to do with me whatsoever.

In fact, I even exchanged shifts for several weeks so that I could work on Sunday. Although I obtained the cold make from all three of them. I wondered if it was because We played rock and spin music, or had long hair. It absolutely was evident to me that they thought I had some form of unbeliever plague or something.

Since then, over the years, I have seen time and time again how religion can be so cruel sometimes. Too often I have seen deficiencies in love between those who profess to be Christians. Why is it that some Christian believers are not only critical and judgmental to the unbelievers, most times they act because of this to guy believers as well?

Maybe they have forgotten that Jesus said that this individual didn’t come to assess but for save the world. Maybe they may remember that he stated that it would be by the love we certainly have one for another that all men would know that we are his disciples. Or could it be that religion has trained and continues to promote guilt and condemnation?

Can it be that many taking the true concept? In the gospels, Erlöser said that he emerged to make known the daddy. He told them that if they have seen him, then they have seen the Daddy. Why then, today, may we make known the Father?

Rather than finding fault, criticizing and condemning people for their activities, why don’t we reveal the message of The lord’s love and forgiveness? So why don’t we give attention to Christ’s completed work of payoff that brought about endless life? Why don’t we tell people that in the new birth vehicle a child of Goodness and this nothing can divide them from His love?

Are we so frightened to preach the Dad’s forgiveness because people might make use of it this license to sin? Do we stay away from teaching about healing because we don’t believe it is available? Do we hold back on proclaiming God’s promise of wealth because we think being wealthy is somehow incorrect?

Instead, religion continues to list all the sins and transgressions. Preachers continue to remind their people of just how poorly they behave. We are told of how low God is to use just about everything we do.

Therefore, God’s people are packed with guilt and condemnation. The Bible teaches that disapproval hinders our prayer life. So, is the meaning that’s being preached by many people helping people to get nearer to God, or is it driving them farther and farther away?

Real change in an individual’s life happens from the inside away. Religion tries to change people externally. They inform people all the stuff that they should do and really should not do in order to make The almighty happy.