Fire Evacuation Chair

To comply with the Handicap Discrimination Act, it is essential that all businesses have disabled access equipment in place. Whilst many publicly accessed properties have installed wheelchair ramps, there are other pieces of equipment that businesses should invest in. It is just a common misconception that the fire place brigade should remove individuals with disabilities in the event of a fire. Truly it is the responsibility of the organization, which should have an evacuation couch in place. evacuation sled

Unfortunately, the construction of all buildings takes on that those getting away a property will be able to walk down steps in order to reach a secure area. An evacuation chair is essentially a wheelchair you can use in these areas to provide quick and successful escape for those with disabilities.

One online company recognises the value of companies investing in evacuation recliners and learning how to use them in circumstance of an urgent situation. For this reason they supply a vast array of chairs and offer training to businesses.

The products that they have to offer are available with a range of features that promise the utmost in comfort and functionality to users. Their products range from simple but effective designs such as, the Exitmaster Versa, to the completely equipped Xpert-powered with a rechargeable drive unit.

Businesses can look at equipment that this retailer provides by visiting their website, with images and intensive technical specs they are able to choose the right evacuation couch for their needs and their budget.

They understand that many employees will not likely have experience of using the equipment, therefore their training programmes have recently been designed to teach employees the best practices. The course leader will use an evacuation chair to demonstrate how to use equipment in certain situations and help delegates to understand what the consumer will experience.

To find out about the Disability Discrimination Work and exactly how it influences your business, visit their website and click on the ‘Visit the DDA’ icon. Full details about evacuation chair options can be found on their website too, and for more information they recommend calling to speak to a member with their friendly team.