Conveyancing Solicitors – The Sale Process

Here we’ve set out the conveyancing procedure from the perspective of the merchant:

Offer to trade

1. Teach your conveyancing specialists

2. You’re conveyancing specialists will send you a customer mind letter, which you ought to sign and return, together with evidence of personality and points of interest of your present home loan¬†Mr Moosavi¬†

3. Your specialists will send you:

Apparatuses, fittings and substance frame

Property data frame

Leasehold property data frame (if appropriate)

Finish these structures (with assistance from your specialist) and return them, together with:

any building work promises you have

any arranging authorizations or building assents you’ve been conceded

4. You’re conveyancing specialists will acquire your:

Title deeds

Arrive Registry Office Copies

On the off chance that your property is leasehold they will likewise approach your administration organization for:

benefit charge represents the most recent 3 years

evaluated costs for the following 12 months

building protection points of interest

a duplicate of the rent

5. You’re conveyancing specialists will set up the draft contract (which is liable to arrangement)

6. Your specialists will aggregate an agreement pack and send it to the purchaser’s specialist

7. Your specialists (with assistance from you) will answer inquiries from the purchaser’s specialist about the agreement pack and contract arrangements (assuming any) will occur

8. The purchaser and dealer, through their specialists, will arrange an objective fruition date, which will be added to the agreement

9. Once the purchaser’s inquiries and enquiries have been finished palatably and once any agreement transactions are done you are prepared for trade

10. You and the purchaser will each get a duplicate of the agreement to be marked and come back to the particular specialists

11. The specialists will then “swap” the agreements – this is the trade part

12. In the meantime, your specialist will get the purchaser’s store, which will be hung for your sake, pending consummation

The agreement is presently lawfully official. On the off chance that the purchaser pulls out now they may lose their store unless they went into it since they were deluded.


1. You’re conveyancing specialists will affirm with your bank the reclamation installment required to pay off your present home loan.

2. Your specialists will get an exchange deed (TR1) from the purchaser’s specialist. You’re conveyancing specialists will check it and forward it to you to sign and come back to them as fast as could reasonably be expected.

3. Upon the arrival of finishing your specialists will get the extraordinary adjust of the price tag from the purchaser’s specialist. They will then:

send the title deeds and exchange deed to the purchaser’s specialist

make the reclamation installment to your bank to pay off the exceptional adjust of your present home loan

pay themselves (in the event that you have given them consent to do as such)

pay the adjust to you

When installment has been gotten and the home loan recovered your conveyancing specialists will affirm to you that it is ok for you to hand over the keys to the purchaser. Congrats – you’ve finished!