Benefits of the 700R4 Transmission – The Chevrolet Automatic Overdrive Transmission

For anyone who is rebuilding your vehicle or restoring an old one like new, you may consider using the GM 700R4 transmission. There are many benefits to using this model. Lots of the benefits include the performance, the overdrive, gas mileage, and increasing the value of your vehicle. Monster Transmission

When you use a 700R4 transmission you will find you have total power. This product is a monster and can be built to handle up to 600 horsepower. This high performance overdrive is top quality and an outstanding option for your rebuilt vehicle. 

Rebuilding a vehicle is a lot of fun. When you are able use an affordable upgrade like the 700R4 transmission, you will probably see that is has a minimal 3. 06 ratio in the first gear. This really is over 20% lower than more Chevrolet models you will find.

The overdrive for the 700R4 will give you an almost forty percent improvement on gas usage in comparison to a 3-speed automatic. For this reason, the 700R4 is the best option for anybody who wishes to do an overdrive conversion for muscle car restorations because they can also add the overdrive option. It has a 30% overdrive. Better gas mileage is an extremely big deal when it comes to vehicle corrections. You want to get the most get, especially with the sporadic gas prices today.

Restoring your automobile using the GM 700R4 transmission is the best option because you will find that the value of your car raises significantly. This is because it’s the most suitable choice today for restoring old muscle cars, trucks, or maybe transforming an old 2-3 rate vehicle. You might not even be contemplating providing your car and just require a new items. This is the best answer to increase performance but it will surely run like a completely new vehicle.

The best adjustment you are able to use for a restoration of your vehicle or an upgrade on an old car or pickup truck is the drivetrain. This kind of part will allow you to save money in gas, have more electricity, and you can even add the converter lock-up option. With a 3. 06 ratio in the first gear, no other model can compare. This kind of unit works second to none when it comes to perform performance. In addition, you will find that your automobile is worth more money than it was before with this manner of upgrade.