Being Laid Off – Why the Strong Will Survive

Becoming laid off is an experience that has been all too common for many Us citizens. The problem is amplified by all the various online scams and get abundant quick schemes being sold towards the unemployed. survivalist boards

If perhaps you’ve found yourself lately let go then relax, take a deep breath of air in order to find comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Here’s a quick and dirty set of things you must do:

1) Update your resume and publish it to the various job boards

2) Contact former managers & colleagues and set together a set of no less than 5 references 

3) Setup search agents that review the widely used job panels & generate email goods of possible jobs that fit your needs

4) Apply for Cobra (if it’s available for you)

5) Sign up for unemployment insurance

6) Locate some good websites & organizations with other people in your position. Study what works, hook up with others who you can chat to about your problems.

7) Stay positive!

These are the main things you can do. There are a few other minor steps you can take:

1) Use your free time to exercise. Believe it or not but looks matter a lot in the work place and you want to great on your upcoming meeting.

2) Downsize your life! Find products to sell on amazon & Craigslist

3) Value what you have & continue to look for opportunity.

4) Spend time in the library reading about subjects that will make you more valuable

Being laid off is no trivial matter. Nevertheless, only the strong will survive this downturn.