Alana Blanchard – good or bad for women’s surfing?

Within just a recent Cooler mag article about Alana Blanchard, the writer Sam Haddad had written: Alana Blanchard

“Alana Blanchard is unquestionably a great not to mention beautiful. More important, for me at least, she surfs super-well and in big swell too but is she good for women’s surfing? We don’t know”.

My first response was “of course she’s great for surfing”, you have just said she’s an amazing surfer, likeable and beautiful. So why ought not to Alana Blanchard be good for women’s surfing?

This appears to boil down to what Sam says in her opening word: “the fact she has almost 550, 000 fans on Instagram is probably more related to her looking smoking hot in a bikini”.

Which got me personally thinking… is Alana Blanchard good or bad for women’s surfing?

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