A Tour to East Java and Mount Bromo in Indonesia

I wish to tell my experience about my trip to East Java especially to Support Bromo when I was still at the extra school, 12 years back. I went with my parents, uncle, my good friend and a driver. The family started the concert tours from Bogor to Tegal, Central Java. We stayed at one night in the hotel.

The next day, we started our trip from Tegal to Surabaya, East Java. We remained the night in Backyard Hotel at Jl. Pemuda Surabaya. The next day we concluded the trip. We chose the path from Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Pasuruan, and stopped in Gending, a tiny town, about doze km at the east of Probolinggo to meet an old friend. Trekking Rinjani Guide

In the afternoon we attended Mount Bromo through Probolinggo. When we arrived in Probolinggo, our car flipped to the south. During our trip, we surpassed jati forests and fresh air. At last we came at the hotel. Right now we couldn’t see the beautiful scenery from the hotel due to night. The weather became frosty and we had to wear thick clothes. All of us had dinner in a tiny restaurant near to the hotel. Following dinner, we slept. 

When ever I was still in bed, at two o’clock each day my parents wake up me. I didn’t really know what happened. There were an earthquake. Something funny happened, my friend directly brushed his teeth when he was awakened. He thought that we wanted to learn to see the scenery. In fact it was only an earthquake. After that we slept again.

In 4 o’clock each morning, the hotel attendant wake all of us up to anticipate to go to Pananjakan by vehicle, a strategic destination to watch the beautiful scenery of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru.

Period passed by. It was a pity that we couldn’t see the increasing sun due to cloudy skies. We were still blessed due to good weather we could view the beautiful landscape. The three mountains are positioned in a National Recreation area. Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in Java island. My father had taken photographs of the beautiful scenery at the State Park.

In order to was clear, we returned to the hotel. In the hotel, we travelled by horse through the sea sand which is going towards the crater. We climb by stairways for the top. At the top we could begin to see the Mount Bromo’s crater evidently which is still smokey.

After that we came up back to the hotel and our trip to the mountain is done. After that we gone to Malang, a frosty town at the southwest of Surabaya. After we visited a recreation area near Malang, we relaxed in the hotel. The next day we travelled back to Bogor and our trip to East Java was ended.

Appreciate you.